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Business Intelligence

Tableau is an amazing tool that lets you see data in a whole new way! It's used by businesses, journalists, researchers, bloggers, and data geeks around the world. You can use it to explore large or small data sets, and make charts, graphs, maps, and other vizes to tell great stories with data. This skill is in high demand, so it's worth learning. You can also use it to explore data, find insights and create amazing visualizations for reports in high school and college, and use them in presentations and papers, or publish them on the web.

Virtual Reality: Web VR & 3D Modeling

In this workshop, students will learn how to create simple but immersive Virtual Reality websites, populated with 3D models of their own design. Create an alien landscape, an ice cream museum, a small town on a duck's beak, or whatever else you like, then upload it to a VR-enabled website to let your friends and family explore it.


Write, produce, film and edit a group short movie using professional equipment. Learn all about live production including how to best tell your story; setting up, using and mastering movie gear; creative problem-solving, working in groups and performing with peers. Bring your ideas to answer the essential question: Why aren't more women in tech?

3D Printing

Are you creative? Do you like drawing but would like to see your designs take shape? 3D printing makes it possible to be creative not only on paper but in 3 dimensions. In this workshop, you'll design different small items (necklace, jewelry box) with a commercial software tool and our volunteers will print the designs for you! We will deliver your creations to you after the workshop.

Computer Construction

Build your own desktop computer...for free! In partnership with Free Geek, a Portland nonprofit that refurbishes technology, you get to take apart a computer, learn what the components do, how they work together, and how to tell why one component might be better and faster than another, and then build your own working computer.

Web design with JavaScript

You probably look at tons of web pages on the internet every day, but have you ever wondered how those web pages work? We will be learning the basics of web pages and then building our own interactive web applications, teaching you the skills to keep building awesome web apps on your own!

Soft Circuits

We'll use Lilypad Arduino, an e-textile technology, to add tech to a bag, clothing item, stuffed animal, or fabric creation of your choice. You will learn to design, build, and program electronics into your project that can sense inputs (such as touch or light) and respond with outputs (like sound or lights). Express your creativity through art and tech!


The Sky is not the limit! This robotics workshop will include basic programming and robotics engineering design. Students will build a robot and complete a challenge while learning about rovers and other aerospace topics. Other topics covered include, aerodynamics and women in aviation with leadership and career exploration activities.

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I, parent, guardian, or approved adult of (the “Student”), hereby give my consent to the Student’s participation in ChickTech: High School 2016 (a year-long program that runs from November 2016 to as late as October 2017). I understand that the Student may be transported to and from the ChickTech: High School 2016 events and that the Student may be engaged in activities such as soldering, working with tools, computers or other equipment. The Student will be supervised by ChickTech volunteers during the scheduled ChickTech: High School events. In consideration of the permission granted to me and to the Student for the Student to participate in ChickTech: High School 2016 the undersigned parent or legal guardian, to the extent permitted by law, do hereby:

(1) assume any and all risk and liability for all losses, damages, damage to property, injuries or death to the Student which may arise in connection with travel to/from or participation in ChickTech: High School 2016 sponsored by ChickTech or its affiliates, and hereby, for the Student and for myself and our heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, do release and discharge the ChickTech and each of its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, volunteers, predecessors, successors, representatives and assigns (collectively “ChickTech”), from any and all claims, actions, and liabilities arising from or relating to with travel to or participation in activities, programs or functions of ChickTech: High School 2016, and;

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